Timor Ignotum: Preface

Hello Readers!

To begin this introduction, my name is Rob Breault. I am one of the several colleagues – minds, creators, writers, and actors – behind Aeternum Vale Attractions. I am also one of the bloggers here at Aeternum Vale. My personal story with Aeternum Vale Attractions and its founder is a long one. In brief, I have been close, brotherly friends with the founder Kevin Butler for well over a decade. I had moved away for a short stint and upon returning he had told me that he had started a themed haunted maze out of the garage of his house the prior year. Having heard this idea, I jumped to help out in any and every way I was able to and have been working alongside him on this attraction ever since.

I will be writing an episodic blog for Aeternum Vale. Sticking with the Latin element within the Aeternum Vale name, this story arc will be titled “Timor Ignotum”, which translates to “The fear unknown”. This blog, Timor Ignotum, will be compiled from the mind of the main character—Jake. Jake is an investigative journalist with various works on occult occurrences and paranormal phenomena. Jake is well known for his previous works – however interesting and fascinating they were to read – have been deemed “fiction, pseudoscience, and malarkey” by his publishers as well as many others who do not believe in what he has seen. Jake has investigated several occurrences throughout his career but this time he will have proof even if it kills him. This will be his year, this will be the big white whale. He will be investigating all that is Dr. Steele and the strange occurrences that surround this man and will not give up until he finds his proof. Jake will be recording all that he sees, hears, thinks, feels, says and experiences along the way for reference and for your reading pleasure.

Here is a little excerpt from a future post…

they’re everywhere. What is wrong with these people? It’s as if they’re all mindless. Why are they willingly walking into that room filled with screaming and horrifying sounds? Why would they volunteer for this? I need to get to the bottom of this. Suddenly from behind, a loud metallic crash echoes from the already paralyzing cacophony. Then the sound of what can only be described as metal slowly scraping against metal grows nearer. What the hell is that? I look down a long hall with an eerie red-hue lit, smoky ambiance and can see a right turn at the end where I might hide. I think to myself, I need to find a place to hide now or I’m going to die! I head off attempting to walk expeditiously yet silently down the metal hallway when a shadow appears on the wall in front; growing in size, it appears it will be turning the corner any second.Shit!” I say aloud, turning to run back the way I came, toward the people walking in line. My survival instincts and adrenaline spike and in order to stay alive, I get in line with the other clueless people as to conceal my identity as well as my true intentions. The line is moving rapidly and I am close to entering the next room. I slowly turn my head, peering back to see if I made it safely and unnoticed by whatever was making the shadow before it turned up the hall. Shit, Shit! What is that? I can’t help but think as the figure turns the corner and finally emerges from the darkness, stepping into the red-hued light revealing its true form. “Oh, F…!”…

Continue to tune in for more blogs and read along from the beginning in order to catch up to where this excerpt takes place which has been taken from a blog that will be posted in the distant future in order to find out what happens next.

Author: Rob Breault

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