About Us

How we got started. I (Kevin Butler) Have been doing big Halloween since I could remember. Best thing to happen to me was buying my own house. In 2013 I bought my house, that Halloween I was able to do a makeshift haunted room in my mudroom. What does it mean? Aeternum Vale is Latin its direct translation means Forever Goodbye. Also loosely translates to farewell forever.

Every year the decorations got more and more elaborate, adding a piece here, making something there. eventually it was spilling out onto the lawn and I needed to expand. I decided to do up my entire garage in 2016. It was a huge step, but well worth it. I had some fantastic support, and tons of help putting up walls and doing set design that first year. Our theme was Slaughterhouse 2016. We had a fantastic turnout, but we only did it for the one weekend. 2017 came and we were prepared, we expanded on it once again, adding line ques (Something that was needed in 2016 due to all the people).


The idea is the change the theme every year so it never gets old. I don’t want Aeternum Vale Attractions, to ever be considered the same old haunted house, or haunted attraction. Changing the theme every year breaths new life. The 2017 year brought a great unique idea, Fallout (Yes the game). In 2018 we have some great ideas in store so stick with us and enjoy the ride!