Planning Begins!

2018, very big things in store for this years show. I say show because Aeternum Vale Attractions is more than just a haunted house, we are a story, a play. Its a short walk-through for now, but as anyone knows the more times you walk through, the more of the story you actually see. The biggest secret I can say is that Dr Steele will be back for another year. His antics were great last year teasing everyone and ultimately being one of the best villains in our small fallout history.


I will not say what the overall theme is until we draw closer but the story has been written and the actors have been briefed, we are now looking at set design and marketing.

We attempt to add on every year, this year is no different. Plans to add to the entrance way and extend the walk time are already getting pushed forward. We know its early, but we take pride in the detail we are able to portray in such a small space. This is what sets us apart from some other local attractions. Quality not Quantity.

As you are very well aware, we have set up the website, this year our marketing efforts will be 10 times that of the previous years, and we hope that it shows in the turnout and the donation box. Speaking of which there is a gofundme on this website, even if you only want to donate a small amount, anything helps us in our continued effort of excellence. Stick with us as we continue to update the blog. Stay Scared my friends.

One thought on “Planning Begins!

  1. I have been going to this every year. It is amazing how scarier it gets every year!! Kevin says it’s a short maze. Well, it’s totally long enough for me! I can’t wait to get through it! Feels like your in there a long time. It is so jam packed with eerie grosem scary visuals with every step you take! The theme was awesome last year! I can’t wait to see what they come up with this year. They don’t charge to go through, it’s free! They do have a donation box at the end it’s totally optional. However, I always put what I can in there for a challenge for them to make it greater and scarier next year! I know all monies are used toward the growth of Aeterum Val attractions! The team are all volunteers and do it just to see the look on your faces!!

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